Book Review: The Single Girl’s To Do List by Lindsey Kelk

I recently read this book on my computer.  No, I didn’t download it illegally.  I read on Auckland Library’s overdrive.  That means you can rent the book as an ebook.

What do I know about The Single Girl’s To Do List By Lindsey Kelk?

This is a typical chick lit book.

A girl gets dumped by her boyfriend after 5 years of dating/living with each other.

Her two best friends help her make a to do list of all the things she should do as a single girl.

It was quite funny and a lot of it was about how she got over her heartbreak.

She has breakdowns/meltdowns and finds life pretty hard after her boyfriend leaves.

There were a few times where she ‘relapsed’ but then she got over her ex and started to realise that the ‘one’ was close by the whole time.

He comes crawling back, but she declines because she knows she is so much better than him now!

single girls todo list

I really enjoyed reading it.  It was a light read, it was perfect for relaxing with.  I love books like these because I don’t have to do too much thinking!

Maybe I should write a single girl’s to do list…

I recommend this book for all the single girls out there.

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