Olay SPF Moisturiser

A product I can not live without is Olay SPF Moisturiser.  Keeping my skin clean and healthy is very important to me.  Since I live in a country where the suns rays are very strong it is essential to keep my skin protected.

Reasons why I love Olay SPF Moisturiser:

I love Olay moisturiser because there are different types for each type of skin.  I get the lite moisturiser because my skin does not like having different creams and makeups slathered on (which is why I have a very simplistic everyday makeup routine).

It is important at this time of year, and in the Summer, that my skin continues to be protected against the sun.

Unlike my sister I do not tan, I just go red.  I guess the good thing with having to put SPF on is that I will not have sun damaged skin!


If you have skin prone to break outs then this is the product for you.

If you just enjoy having  a lite amount of creams on your face, like me, then this is also the one for you!

It has honestly made such a difference to my skin.  When I used to use heavier moisturisers my skin always felt oily and slimy.  Now, the difference is astronomical!

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