OOTD: Skinny Jeans Hailwood Skinny Jeans

Today I wore my favourite new pair of jeans.  I honestly think that these are the nicest jeans I’ve owned in a long time.


Hailwood Skinny Jeans:  BEST ever!

They are the perfect amount of skinny and are not made of that jegging type material that so many jeans seem to be made out of at the moment.

I bought these jeans at the Designer Sample Sale at NZFW last weekend.

They were originally something like $189.00 NZ (I can’t remember the exact price and I already threw out the price tag) and were reduced to $89.00 NZ.

What a bargain.

I fell in love with these jeans as soon as I tried them on.  They fit so well.  And they are high waisted which is a plus as I adore high waisted clothes (the majority of my jeans, pants, skirts and shorts are high waisted).


I always turn my jeans up at the end…not because they are too long but because I think they look better like that! Check out my post about cuffing your jeans.

Hailwood Skinny Jeans

Bag: Novo

Shoes: Mischief

Jeans: Hailwood


Kettles: My Mums 😀

And now, because I was bored today and had my camera on timer (since I actually have no photographer..my photographer is me, myself and I), I ended up with some really cool (sarcasm) photos.

I never enjoyed working retail, but I’m pretty good at selling these kettles don’t ya think?

Hailwood Skinny Jeans Hailwood Skinny Jeans Hailwood Skinny Jeans Hailwood Skinny Jeans

So, all in all, these Hailwood Skinny Jeans are the best jeans I own.

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