Should You Shave? – The Legs Edition

I’ve always been a leg shaver.  Ever since I was 12, used a Bic razor and shaved a strip of hair off the front of my left leg.  I wanted to see if it was painful or if it actually worked.  Fast forward 12 years and I still constantly shave my legs (except for in winter when I shave them about 1 time a week because who will see my legs in winter…especially when I am single!).

Should You Shave?

Where did this idea of having smooth, shiny, hairless legs come from?

The reason why I ask is because a visitor came to school today and she had unshaven legs.  These days it seems like no woman has hairy legs.

According to wikipedia (which is so reliable – note the sarcasm here), woman started shaving their legs when hemlines started to get higher.  That was around the 1st World War.

Do woman shave their legs because that is the ‘preferred look’ for women?  Or is it for personal reasons?  I prefer to shave my legs…but is it really such a big deal when women don’t shave?

What do you think?

Is it cleaner, more hygienic and nicer looking when women have shaved legs?

Or is it something that should be personal?

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