Lip Product Review And Favourite: Lip Macaron – Rosebud

I love MOR Lip Macaron’s.  They are so great at keeping my lips hydrated for a long period of time.

I like them because I no longer have to use chap sticks or other types of lip balms that don’t last that long.  And I don’t have to keep re-applying it!   It’s great having a product that I only have to use once or twice during the day.

With some certain brands of lip balms it always felt like I was constantly re-applying lip balm.

This Lip Macaron is in Rosebud smell/flavour.  It is delicious and smells so nice.

The product says:

“Treat your lips to a kiss of moisture! Filled with Vitamin E and other hydrating properties, this nourishing cenfection creates deliciously sweet lips”.

MOR Lip Macaron MOR Lip Macaron

It is also made in Australia.  I think I might order some of the other flavours!  I got this one as a birthday present.  In NZ you can buy them at Red Current.

I love it when I find a product I love and one that I will continue to use for a long time!


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