Chocolate And Jewellery

Today my mum and dad came back from the States.  They bought me a beautiful necklace, bracelet and some yummy chocolate and lollies.

IMG_5358 IMG_5344 IMG_5354 IMG_5350

My sister also got back from the States yesterday (on holiday at same place/time but not together).  She bought back:

IMG_5349 IMG_5348 IMG_5342 IMG_5346

I’m so going to take the flute and pencil to school – my students will LOVE them…I’ll be like the Pied Piper..but less creepy.

My sister managed to find Caramel Koala’s at Sydney Airport while they were in transit there on the way back from LA. I’m so glad.  Caramel Koala’s are the only Australian chocolate I like!

And all this just makes me feel like travelling even more!  4 months left until I take off! EEEPPPP so excited 🙂


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