A Beauty Product I Can Not Live Without

This is serious.  Honestly, there are so many things I could live without.  e.g. chocolate (seriously it’s such a bad addiction sometimes I wish it didn’t exist), itchy socks and stockings with runs.

A beauty product I could not survive without is clear mascara.

I have naturally long lashes, so unfortunately if I ever wear black or brown mascara my lashes end up creating lines on the top of my eyelid.  Seriously annoying.

So, I came up with a solution.

If I do wear black mascara I cover it with clear mascara…which I guess kind of defeats the purpose of wearing a coloured mascara.  However, I love the brushes that come with Maybelline mascara.  The clear mascara I use doesn’t have a good brush.

I currently use one I pick up at the local $2 shop.  It’s by Jordana brand.

It’s probably bad to use $2 shop products, because you don’t know what’s actually in them (and knowing what is in a product is very important to me).  However, I have been using this product for a long time and I haven’t had any issues with it so far!  Also, Jordana is made in the USA.  Maybe it’s like a drugstore brand there…I’m not sure.

This clear mascara is actually labelled as a ‘Mascara Brow Set’.

What beauty product you could not live without?


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