How To Wear Nude Heels

I recently bought a pair of nude heels after wanting them for the longest time.  I have been searching for the perfect pair and I finally found them.

I was looking for a pair that wasn’t too tall.  As I am tallish already, I find it awkward wearing hugely high heels.  I never really wear anything over 3 inches.

I haven’t worn them yet as I have been googling and pinteresting some looks that I think look great with nude heels.

They are such a change from the usual black.  I think nude is like black, it goes with everything.

I got them from Novo shoes.  Novo was the only place I could find where the heels weren’t too tall.

They were only $30 and I managed to get a bag thrown in as well.  It is a small handbag that is pretty much the same colour as the shoes.  Matchy matchy.

Here are the shoes:

nude heels

The light at this time of night is really bad, so I had to brighten it and edit the photo quite a bit.

Once I have an outfit together, I will post it.

Here are some ways you can wear nude heels.  These are a few of my favourite looks:

I really like the nude heels with jeans look:


Design Darling: POINTED TOE PUMPS, love the nude with jeans

Nude heels and boyfriend jeans - match made in heaven.

I love these strappy sandals. So cool for summer!

IMG_5714 copy2

As you can tell I really like the shoes with jeans, especially during winter time.  I think in spring/summer/autumn I would wear these with skirts.

I’m going to go through my wardrobe and pair together all the looks I can wear with my new nude heels.  I’m hoping they go with everything.

How do you like wearing nude heels? e.g. favourite combination? Jeans, skirts, shorts?


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