The Big, Little City – Auckland and the Wynyard Quarter

Today I went out and explored my home city.  It is so nice being able to just wander around and look at everything.  Normally it’s head down, walk fast (not quite..but you get the gist) to get to my destination.

This morning I woke up and realised that I’m only going to be living in this city for 4 months…better get a good feed (of delicious sushi) and wander the downtown area while I can.   I love living in a city that is so close to water.  I have been by the water for my whole life and it is something I have taken for granted.  2 minute walk to the beach, an hours drive to west coast beaches, water wise at Lake Pupuke.  We are really so lucky to live in such a beautiful, free country.

So, without further ado (I love that saying) here is my post about a favourite part of my favourite big, little city = Auckland.

Downtown is by far one of my favourite places in Auckland city.  I love the Wynyard Quarter.  They have improved that area so much (mainly for RWC ’11 I think) and I just think that it is a great place to go – there are a tonne of restaurants by the water and sometimes they have markets at Silo Park which is at the end of the Wynyard Quarter.  There are sun loungers, a bridge that can go up and down when yachts and boats go in and out of the marina and it is a great place to walk around.

Here are the photos I took when wandering around – I used both my Canon PowerShot SX40015 (it’s either a S or a 5…I can’t tell) and my iPhone.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I found a new shop called Tatty’s – I thought it was new, but it has been there for about 5 years.  So if you’re an Aucklander who loves good quality, second hand shopping go there.  Great items there for good prices!  I saw it once a few weeks ago but didn’t go in.  But I walked past it on the way back to my car and decided to pop in for a look!  It’s not actually in the downtown area, however, it is on one of my favourite streets there: Lorne Street.

Hope you all had a fab weekend.



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