Sally Hansen Nail Polish Review: Runway Red-y

I love matching my nails to lipstick.  Especially when I go out.  A favourite nail colour of mine is Runway Red-y by Sally Hansen.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Review

Runway Red-y is a great polish because it doesn’t chip easily and it has a brush that makes it easy to apply.  It is perfectly shiny and always looks beautiful.

The brush ensures that the polish doesn’t get onto your skin (unless you put it on too thick or if you are rushing).

I always apply two coats of this nail polish to make it the beautiful red and also to make sure that it doesn’t chip (although, like I said previously, it doesn’t chip easily).

Sally Hansen nail polish is always one of my favourite brands.  My first nail polish I ever bought (at the tender age of 9) was a Sally Hansen one…also in red!

red nails

The dog wanted to be in the photo too (because I had food).

Last night when I went out I was sure to match my lippy to my nails.

I wore a red liptstick by MAX (brand from Netherlands – I think what some would call ‘drugstore’ brand).  I really like this lipstick because it is soft and isn’t cakey.  It glides on perfectly and has a shine to it which I really love.

1940s makeup

Who else matches their lipstick to their nails?

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