A 1940s Styled Makeup Look

Last night I went to a Performance Ball for swing dance.  I was in one performance (second up, thank g-man).  I was so nervous because I had to be a lead for it (normally I’m a follow, but they didn’t have enough leads).

I will post the video up on here as soon as it comes online.  I only made one mistake…kind of went the wrong way..but oh well.

Because Swing Dance is from the 1920s/30s/40s era, that meant we had to dress and do makeup in a style from that time.  I didn’t manage to take a photo of my outfit, but that doesn’t matter – I’ve worn it before but now I can’t find the photo! I’ll have a look around and put it up on here.  Maybe I’ll just re-wear it and take a new photo.

My makeup was just a simple look.  My eye is still funny from having conjunctivitis..it’s just red now but with no infection or anything (gross, I know), so I just used a few makeup products that I knew wouldn’t irritate my poor eye.

I used a Maybelline liquid liner (I only did a little flick), Isabelle Dupont eye primer in Matte and some light brown, brown and charcoal coloured eyeshadow from my favourite eyeshadow palette.  I also used a touch of Isabelle Dupont Foundation (BEST stuff ever) and concealer for under my eyes. Isabelle Dupont products are really amazing!  Of course, with the 1940s look, you need red lippy – Max brand that I picked up in the Netherlands last year.

The eye primer was quite good – my makeup didn’t smear or sweat off…but it seems that it is a bit shinier than I expected.

1940s makeup 1940s makeup 1940s makeup

Maybe it’s just the flash from my camera.

I took the photo after dancing all evening, so my face is a little more red and shiny than normal.

I had the most fab night and I can’t wait for the next performance.  It’s so good to show off all of our hard work 😀

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