Home Manicure vs Professional Manicure

I don’t often get manicures by professionals because I like doing my nails myself. However, sometimes I can’t resist the thought of treating myself and getting a proper manicure.

Hence this post:

Home Manicure:





Professional Manicure:

professional professional

Home manicure:

I can use my own products and not items with shared brushes etc.

It’s free (except for the price of the nail polish) -an average manicure costs $20.  So $2 a finger.

I can do different designs for no extra cost.

Professional manicure:

Some places give a hand massage and moisturise your hands.  They also do your cuticles too and file nails into a nice shape.

The nails look more professional.

It is nice for a treat.

So, I think I prefer home manicure to getting one professionally done. I also find that my nail polish doesn’t chip off as quickly as when I get them professionally done. I don’t know why. Maybe I’ve just had bad luck.

For example, last week I did my own nails and it lasted the week. On Saturday I got my nails done and they have only lasted until today (Tuesday)


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