5 Great Online Shops

I love online shopping.  A lot of the time I put stuff into my ‘basket’ or ‘save it for later’ and drool over it until I think “Yes, I will buy it!”.

I find that buying from online stores (from overseas e.g. England, USA) is cheaper.  Clothes overseas are cheaper.  My sister is in the States at the moment and is wowed by how cheap all the clothes are there.  Even after converting the prices into NZ dollars!

I think that the prices are put up here.  For example, Glassons is in NZ and Australia.  Often the price tag has NZ and Aussie dollars on it.  So, in NZ something will be something like 39.99 and in Aussie it will be 25.99.  Is that right?

Anyway, I have compiled a list of my favourite online stores.  I do prefer buying quality over quantity, but sometimes you do need a cheap t-shirt or pair of shorts.



ASOS is great for buying clothing and shoes on sale.  They have so many options – shoes, bags, dresses, skirts, tops…the list is endless.  And they all have a wide price range too!   I am a regular ASOS shopper.



Pretty Little Thing is a more recent find for me.  I like how the clothes are cheap – I would probably just buy t-shirts for summertime off here.



Boohoo is another fairly cheap shop.  I have only bought a few things off Boohoo and they have been ok.  I did get one really nice blouse but a skirt I got was completely different to the picture.



Lindy Bop is one of my favourite vintage reproduction sites.  I love the clothes.  The clothes on there are suitable for all different occasions. There are prom dresses, day dresses, midi skirts, shirts/blouses, halter dresses.  Everything on there is just A+++++.



Heyday is another vintage repro site that I adore.  It is a little bit more expensive than Lindy Bop, but the pants, skirts and dresses are all just beautiful.   You also get a 5pound gift voucher if you sign up for their newsletter and supply them with your birth month!

Shops worth mentioning:

ebay – great for vintage finds.

Rocket Originals  – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their knits and shoes.

etsy – another great site for vintage and modern finds.

My Baby Jo – another great vintage and vintage repro site. I got some amazing deadstock shoes off here (they are 1940s shoes).

When I go on sites like ebay and etsy I try to find deadstock (unworn) vintage – which can be a bit more expensive…but it’s nice having vintage clothes that are like new.

What is great about online shopping in NZ is that the sales overseas often coincide with the start of our summer or winter.  So end of winter is a great time for summer sales and end of summer is a great time for winter sales.

Do you have any favourite online shops?


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