Friday Night Update

Hi everyone.  Man, this week has been hectic.  It felt like a week that was never going to end.

I had my birthday on Wednesday and then had the day off work on Thursday to drop my parents off at the airport.

I’m holding up the fort at home and looking after the dog.

I’m surprised at how lonely it is.  I have hardly anyone to talk to when I get home from work…make that no one to talk to.  Except the dog…but she doesn’t really count because you can’t have a conversation with her.  At least she doesn’t argue with me.

This weekend I have a few cool posts lined up:

I have started a new series of posts – budget guides on how to dress like a celebrity or how to dress for certain occasions (thank you to for giving me the idea on one of my posts from earlier this week).  I look for the clothes on online stores or in shops and put the links/photos etc on the post. See my first one on Kendell Jenner here.  If you have any suggestions of celebrities or requests let me know 🙂

I also have a makeup haul post and a shoe haul post coming up tomorrow.

I went shopping after work…it was what kept me going throughout the day – knowing I was going to go shopping after school.  I didn’t buy much and got the stuff I bought on special too.  So all in all it was very successful.  I got some shoes I had been looking for for a long time! So pleased with them.

I hope you all have had a great week and happy Friday! (Almost Saturday here…guess I should go to sleep).


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