It’s My Birthday

I had the most fabulous birthday today.  Quarter of a century.  25 Years Young.  I told some year 6 students how old I was turning and they were like “Faaarrr, Miss.  We thought you were older than that”.  I was like “excuse me…oh no you didn’t”.

But, the kids were amazing today.  They were more excited than I was about my birthday.  I got heaps of birthday (handmade out of scrap paper..but it’s the thought that counts) from my students (Year 2s).  Some wrote ‘Happy Birthday”.  Some wrote “yppah yadhtrib” because they get a bit stuck on words still.

Not only did I get cards from my littlies, I also got one from the Year 6s.

Their teacher usually organises a glitter bombing.  He was away today and I thought ‘phew, I’ve escaped’.

Little did I know that the Year 6s were using their initiative and organised a glitter bombing for me.  They presented me with a card at break time (it was inside play because it was raining outside), made me sit down and then sang happy birthday.  They then chucked a whole pot of glitter over me.

After that they ran off after screaming happy birthday at me once more.  My students were so over excited that they picked up all this extra glitter off the floor and threw it up in the air.

My students are honestly the best ever (I say that every year, but these kids are so sweet and they always make cards for me and are so happy to be at school!).

Throughout the day my students hid under the tables at the end of lunch breaks and ‘surprised’ me when I walked back in.  They also sang happy birthday about 4 times.  Spoilt much?

I also had pizza for dinner.  I was going to have Thai, but then I was just craving pizza.

birthday card birthday card birthday card birthday card

If you see a glitter trail, you’ll know it’s me.  It’s gonna take a long time for the glitter to be washed out of my hair.



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