What’s On My Mind

Lately I’ve been getting more inspiration from just going ‘blah blah blah’ than actually writing fashion and beauty pieces.  I don’t know why.  I love fashion and makeup and I truly aspire to work in fashion one day (soon I hope).  But sometimes I just need a break.

I’m turning 25 tomorrow and that has put things in perspective.

Am I where I expected myself to be?  No way.  I thought by now I’d be married with 1-2 kids (or on the way at least).  I am so grateful that I am not married and that I don’t have kids.

Don’t get me wrong.  Kids are great- it’s just that I am a teacher so I deal with kids all the time.  I just can’t imagine going to work where there are kids and coming home….where there are kids.

There are so many things I have to do first.  Like working overseas and getting a job in the fashion industry.

I never really thought that I’d want to work in fashion.  I’ve always loved movies with amazing fashion e.g. Devil Wears Prada.  But it was never something I actually thought of doing.  It wasn’t until I started this blog that I realised that I love writing about fashion.

When I was at high school and thinking about potential jobs, I thought ‘hey, maybe a journalist?’.  But then I decided to do teaching instead.  I’ve always loved to write, and that is something that I try to encourage my students to love.  There is so much creativity and thinking involved.  And if you can write, you can read.

I always loved creativity.  I love Shakespeare (little known fact) and reading.  At Uni we had to do 3 focus subjects in the last year…like specialist subjects.  I did Music, Dance/Drama and Social Studies.  I’ve always found the arts and humanities so simple.

I actually always wanted to write stories but I just can’t.  I have ideas in my head but when I try to write them down I get stuck.  That’s why I love blogging because each post is like a short story.

And talking about short stories:  If you haven’t read any of the short stories by Katherine Mansfield, you should.

You know, life is full of excitement and change.

There’s so much potential to do amazing things in your life.  Whether they are just little things like being a great member of your community, traveling etc or being a volunteer overseas in third world countries.

25 years from now (good god, I’ll be 50), I’ll hopefully be happy with my achievements.

Who knows where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing.

Where do you see yourself in 25 years?


2 thoughts on “What’s On My Mind

  1. First things first, Happy Birthday! Fashion blogging is a great way to combine the two things you love writing, and fashion. This might sound a bit cliched, but why not have a series of posts about suggested ‘looks’ for occasions using the easily available stuff? People usually assume fashion as an expensive expression of creativity reserved for the higher sections of the society, why not break that? All the best 🙂

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