MythBusters: Socks And Sandals

Socks and sandals, to me, are things that old tourists wear.  How on earth can these two items be fashionable together?

In this blog post I will be delving deep into the world of socks and sandals and seeing if they do actually look okay together.

On my travels I have seen my share of socks and sandals.  I just don’t understand how they go together.  Socks are warm and sandals are to ‘liberate’ your feet so that they don’t get too hot.

arizona Birkenstock

Over the last few years I have seen more and more people wearing socks and sandals as a fashion statement.

Lace socks & Beam sandals in Harajuku

frilly socks and sandals

So, the above three photos don’t look too bad…right?

Here’s my take on it:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, in conclusion, I think that this is not a good look.  And yes, I do know that I have two different pairs of shoes on in some of the photos…but that is because I was too lazy to take separate photos! 🙂

Each to their own – if you are able to rock this look, great!

What do you think of socks and sandals?


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