How To Be Cool, Calm And Collected

Being cool, calm and collected at work can be tricky.  It is not difficult though.  So don’t worry, get that Negative Nancy hat off your head, throw it out the window and put on your Positive Polly hat.

1)  Talk to yourself.

No, I don’t mean to have an out-loud conversation with yourself.  I mean an internal conversation.  Say ‘Ok, I know this is tough, but I just have to take a few deep breaths and everything will be fine’.

2)  Think about how you are feeling.

It is important to know how you are feeling.  For example: you will know that when you are angry you respond in an angry way.  So to remedy that you need to calm yourself down by doing some breathing exercises.  Once you are calm you will be able to act in a more appropriate manner.

West Side Story has a good song about staying cool:

Just don’t go around clicking, dancing and yelling out ‘cool, cool, crazy, cool, cool, crazy’ etc.  You may get some weird looks otherwise (I of course know this from personal experience).

3)  Give yourself some space.

If you are feeling incredibly anxious, worried or stressed about something, it is probably best to remove yourself from the situation.

Take some time out to get your positive thoughts back and just have a break from everything.

Go and have some retail therapy or a massage.  Watch a movie or stay home and just relax.  Chill out, pamper yourself and have a glass of wine.  Whatever floats your boat.

4)  Have a brain break.

This is similar to the number 3, which was giving yourself some space.  However, the main difference is that this one is for those who are at work and find that everything is not going right.  Take time for a brain break.  Have healthy food e.g. fruit, peanuts or almonds and a drink of water.  Do a little exercise – maybe go for a walk.  These quick breaks do work pretty well.

If you want to, you can even try a brain break:


I couldn’t resist putting those brain breaks in.  My students LOVE the Ninja Training one and love it when I dance along with them.

5)  Have calm thoughts.

Honestly, the best way you can be calm is to actually think in a calm way.  If you think angry thoughts all the time than that means you will always be angry.  Think before you speak.

6)  Act calmly not rashly.

Even if you feel like hulking out, the best thing to do (leading on from having calm thoughts) is to actually act calmly.  Think about your actions and the impact they may have on people and also on your own well-being.  Your first reaction may be to have an angry reaction, but think about it carefully.  If someone is annoying you, try your best to ignore them.  If you ignore them then they will realise that what they are doing is not working.  A calm reaction is always the best reaction to have.

7)  Use your W.I.T.S

This is something we actually use at school for the students in the Junior school and it links in with number 6.

W = Walk away

I = Ignore

T = Tell someone (especially if it is something like workplace bullying…or any type of bullying)

S = Say ‘stop it, I don’t like it’.

When people notice that they aren’t getting the desired reaction they will realise:

This chorus is only really applicable for Number 7.

8) Sing ‘Ich Bin Cool’

Ich bin cool

Bist du cool

Ja, logo, ja.

Ich bin cool

Bist du cool

Ja, logo, ja.

Wunderbar, wunderbar

Alles klar, alles klar

Danke schon, danke schon

Wiedersehen, wiedersehen

Actions are:

Ich bin cool = thumbs up

Bist du cool = point to person

Ja, logo, ja = shaking fist up and down like paper, scissors, rock style.

Wunderbar and Alles klar = wave hands in air

Danke schon = shake hands right and then left

Wiedersehen = waving good bye – right and then left.

So there you go, now you can go and teach this amazing song to other people – I learnt it in Year 9 German (I did German throughout all of High School) and that is how I know some actions for the song.

In conclusion, being cool, calm and collected doesn’t mean to suppress your emotions.  There certainly are times where you need to speak up and say what you think about things.  Cool, calm and collected means that you have the ability to think quickly about things and it also means that you have the ability to be relaxed and not let any silly little things bother you.  It also doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun, let go and be a little crazy!  What’s the fun in being cool, calm and collected at a party?!?!

We can’t forget:


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