A Silver Screen Favourite: Casablanca

There are so many aspects of Casablanca that I love.  The setting, the clothing and the story line.

The film is dreamy, despite the fact that it is set during war time.  However, as the film progresses you see the impact the war is having on the characters in the film – even though it is not entirely realistic.

There are a few scenes that I adore:

And that famous line “Here’s looking at you, kid” always gets me.

Another favourite:

But a scene that is really amazing is when Laszlo got the whole of Rick’s Cafe to sing La Marseillaise as the Germans were singing:

This is one of those movies that I think everyone should watch.  It is one of my guilty pleasures.  I love watching this movie on Sunday afternoons with a cup of tea and a biscuit.

The musical score is amazing and really actually adds to the atmosphere of the movie.  Whilst the film is not completely film noir, there are some aspects of it portrayed in the movie – mood, setting, romantic hero and style.  The black and white helps to create a dreamlike setting.

I never knew this, but the script was written day by day (thanks Wikipedia).  There was no known ending!  It was all a mystery as no one knew who would be taking the two exit visas.

Was it Ilsa and Rick?


Or was it Ilsa and Laszlo?

Ilsa loved both men for different reasons.

The reason why I love the clothes in the film is because they add to the theme- e.g. Humphrey Bogart’s trench coat.

Ilsa has lovely clothes that are simple and not over the top.  She wore a lot of white – probably since the film is in black and white and also because in Casablanca it would be pretty hot (although the film was filmed almost completely on set).

This is totally something I would wear:

It was hard to find a dress similar to the one that she wore above:

Ingrid Bergman Casablanca

Does anyone else have a favourite film that they go back to all the time?


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