MythBusters! – You can’t wear pink and red.

I thought I’d try out a new style of post today.

Welcome to MythBusters where I try and bust beauty and fashion myths.

One of the myths that I have heard over the years is how one should not under any circumstances mix red and pink.

I disagree.  They are two shades that have similarities.  Red is a primary colour and we all know that to make pink you must add white to red.  So pink and red have the same ‘base’ colour.

How many people do you see wearing pink and red?

Not many.  I don’t think I’ve seen any recently.

How about people wearing pink lipstick with a red item of clothing.  Or red lipstick with a pink item of clothing.

Despite saying that these colours don’t look too bad together, they can be hard to match.  You have to get the right shade, the right style and the look.

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You could even led on and say that pink and orange don’t match because red and orange are quite close too.

I think that you just have to be careful that you don’t mix heaps of different shades of pink and red together.

And you know what they say about rules…they are meant to be broken!

What do you think? Do you wear pink and red together?

What myth would you like to see busted next?

Can anyone think of a title that is like ‘MythBusters’ but different?

I’m trying to think of one by ‘FashBusters’ and ‘BeautBusters’ doesn’t really sound right…


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