10 Ways To Be Brave

How to be brave.  Brave means so many different things these days.

Instead of listing all the things that are brave to do…I thought that I would just make a list of a way to get the courage and go out there and be brave!

Listening to Brave by Sarah Bareilles is optional (but it helps…believe me!).  Interpretive dance is also optional.

(I’ve linked it here for your convenience)

And the list starts here:

1)  Look in the mirror and give yourself a positive pep talk.

Say this mantra (or you can make up your own):

I am brave

I am beautiful

You can’t stop me….now


2)  Put on your ‘brave’ clothes.

You want to be seen for who you are.  Not for someone trying to hide in the shadows or be a wallflower.

Who cares if you wear clown clothes or if you wear all orange.  As long as you are happy you will feel like you can conquer the whole entire world.  Don’t let others bring you down!

3) Hold your head up high, take a deep breath (in through your nose and out through your mouth).

Ahh, the memories.  Thanks S Club 7 for such a great song (this was my JAM back in 99).

4) Confront people in a non-threatening way.

You want to be brave…not a bully.

If people are rude to you, ask them why they are acting like this.

Stand up for yourself.

5)  Be yourself.

I mentioned about wearing clothes you like that make you happy (and therefore brave).  But one of the most important things is being yourself.  The more you hide yourself behind a facade the more you will be scared to be you.  If you want to own your life you need to know yourself and be yourself.

6) Have a song to walk to (and practise walking with that song in your head).

I know, I know.  How lame.  How can something so silly be linked at all to being brave?  Music is something that mostly everybody likes.  There are some songs that are so uplifting and powerful that when you listen to them they make you feel stronger.

Whether it be ‘Baby One More Time’ by good old Britney, Hips ‘Don’t Lie’ by Shakira, or even a powerhouse ballad like ‘Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child, they are all guaranteed to get you walking with some swagger.

I find that I am partial to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and ‘Fever’ by Peggy Lee.  The opening song from West Side Story also helps.  Just make sure you don’t go running around calling out “Sharks” or “Jets” and clicking..you’ll probably get a few weird looks.

7)  Exercise.

How on earth is this related? I have no idea.  Just get out there and exercise.  You don’t need to shell out heaps of money for a gym membership.  Go swimming in the sea.  Show off your svelte like figures.  Boys, if you are concerned about your lack of abs, an easy way to get some are to get a highlighter and draw some on.  Honestly, a lot of our courage comes from how we feel about our appearance.  If you are happy with the way you look and you can rule your own personal catwalk (i.e. the footpath, treadmill, supermarket aisles) then people will be like ‘wowow, she/he is o for awesome’.

8) Think about the person who is your role model.

Why is that person your role model? Who are they.

If you are super organised you can make a list of why that person is your role model.

For example; Katharine Hepburn is a role model for the way that she stood up and said that no, she wasn’t going to dress like all the other girls and act like some delicate flower that would float away in the wind if…okay, I’ll stop there.  But you get my point.  Find someone you look up to or like and think about how they portray themselves and how they act.

This doesn’t mean that you do a personality transplant.  Not all of us are outspoken.  A good portion of us are introverts.  Still be you but be a better you.

9) Reach for the stars

Because even if you don’t get there, at least you’ll land on the moon.


But seriously, it is important to have goals.  Friends also help you when you are down and feeling sad or cowardly.

SClub7, thanks once again for this great song.

Excuse me for a minute while I go and do my 90s dance routine to this song.





Yip, back now.

Last but not least

10)  Don’t be ashamed of who you are.

A lot of your bravery comes from within you.  You may think – nah, I’m a coward.  Actually, I beg to differ.  Everyone has the ability to be brave.

I mean look at the Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz.  He was a wimp, but as soon as he faced his fears he grew up and realised that they weren’t that scary to begin with.

I mean, I still get scared of things like heights, small spaces and lifts (I can’t help but think that the lift won’t stop and we’ll just keep going out the top of the building like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

The things that you need to face are low self esteem and low self worth.  If you think you can’t do something…you probably can’t.  It’s not until you’ve changed your mindset that you are able to accomplish great things.

Take it from Dumbledore…he knows:

Anyway, I hope this helpful list has..well, helped.

This is a lighthearted list.  You can take it seriously if you want.


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