To Cuff Or Not To Cuff??? That Is The Question…Or: Cuff Those Jeans!

I really apologise about the totally random, weird title…I just couldn’t help myself.  There’s something so nice about cuffed jeans.  I roll the cuff up on my jeans all the time. It’s probably because I like having cropped style jeans and because they work well with ankle boots.  Cuffing them means they don’t wrinkle so much and they don’t look so long.

Cuffing jeans can make you look taller and also show off your shoes!  You really don’t want to hide the top of your boots or shoes! Unless that’s the look you are going for.

Here are a few of my favourite cuffed jeans looks:

ankle boots + jeans + plaid shirt + fur vest + scarf

how to wear ankle boots

People have been cuffing their jeans for ages.  It’s definitely not a new fashion ‘trend’.

I cuff my jeans even when I don’t wear ankle boots.  It’s not because I’m short and jeans are too long…it’s because that’s the way I roll.  Geddit? Roll? Nevermind.

Cuffs work with lots of types of jeans: boyfriend, skinny, mom, slightly baggy straight jeans etc.  They don’t really work with bootcut or flared jeans though.

cuffed jeans and boots

It also depends on the cut of the boots. Sometimes the cut of the boots don’t require you to roll your jeans up.

Cuffed jeans really suit all types of shoes – brogues, oxfords, boots, flats, sandals, heels.

Cuffed boyfriend jeans look cool for those in-between months like Autumn and Spring before it starts getting cold or hot.

I have some boyfriend jeans that I don’t wear much because they look a bit funny on me…so comfy though.  I might start rolling them up (I hadn’t actually thought about that) and see what they look like!

Who else is an obsessive jeans cuffer?

P.S. these photos don’t belong to on them to get to the link.

Unfortunately in the feature image you can’t see that my jeans are cuffed…but they are, I assure you!


3 thoughts on “To Cuff Or Not To Cuff??? That Is The Question…Or: Cuff Those Jeans!

  1. Great post! Cuffing jeans is a genius solution… I do it all the time – specially because I´m short 😛 And you are absolutely right when you say they work so well with ankle boots 🙂

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