Red To Me Is Like Pink To Elle Woods

There are so many items of red in my wardrobe.  Dresses, tops, skirts (unfortunately no red shoes…but I’d love some ruby slippers like Dorothy’s) and bags.  My makeup drawer is littered with red lipsticks of all different red shades.  I have so many different shades of red nail polish that it is starting to get out of control.  It is like my colour, one I am guaranteed to look good in (if I may say so myself) no matter what shade of red it is.

There’s bright tomato red, wine red, dark red etc.  Red has always been my favourite colour.  When I was a kid I wanted a red bike for my birthday, which I got.  When I bought my first nail polish (Sally Hansen) at age 10, I got red.  I think I still have that nail polish.  I had a favourite pair of red stripy leggings when I was 9 and they were awesome!

Of course I have more than red in my wardrobe.  It isn’t a colour that I feel I have to wear constantly.  I’m not just a person wandering round all in red vaguely resembling a tomato. Okay, so maybe I’d do that for Halloween or something, but not for everyday wear.

Red is just a colour that I identify with.  Yes, it is seen as an ‘angry’ or ‘mad’ colour, but it is a beautiful colour.  It is a passionate colour (oh, wow…never thought I’d be this deep about a colour).

When I grow up (heh, I already am a grown up), I would love to be given a ruby engagement ring by my hubby-to-be (you out there Mr? Listen up!).  I love diamonds, but I’ll be receiving one as a heirloom…so diamonds would be wasted on me.

I was never much of a ‘pink’ girl.  You know how lots of people associate girls and pink together? Well, I was an exception…I’m sure there’s a lot of exceptions to the pink rule out there.  It’s like saying all boys like blue.  At primary school when I said that red was my favourite colour a few of my friends did say ‘but that’s a boy colour’.  How did colour and gender associations start anyway? Well, that’s a story for another day.

Ok, so there are a few things I love that are pink.  I like pink accessories and lipstick.  I love pink (very dark pink…not pastel on me) clothes. I don’t suit pastels… I do own one or two dresses that are dark pink – but like I said, very dark pink suits me best.

I like to think I’m mysterious and a rebel because I’ve taken a liking for darker coloured clothing (nah…jokes).

However, in saying I don’t suit pastels, there are certainly some clothes that I love and lust after and wish I could suit.  But unfortunately my skin tone just doesn’t agree with the pastel colours.

Elle Woods feels empowered wearing pink.  It’s her go-to colour.  Her ‘I’m a strong, independent women’ colour…ok, I just made that up and I have no idea if it is true, but it sounds good!  Remember when she was going to get the sparkly blue dress for her last dinner with Warner…she ended up wearing pink anyway didn’t she?

Something I like about Elle Woods is that she is a go-getter.  Although she does go to Law School for all the wrong reasons (trying to win back her douche of a boyfriend) and does think that she can’t survive without her ex, in the end she realises that she is better than him (you go girl!) and doesn’t try to make herself seem like something she isn’t.

I think we should have an ‘International Wear Your Favourite Colour Day’.  Get rid of all the black on black outfits and wear something that is guaranteed to bring a smile onto your face.

Yes, you may look like this:

Which is totally cool if you like wearing all one colour.

Of course you don’t need to go all out and dress up all in one colour. Add a pop of colour with a cute blazer or a pair of pink shoes.

You can mix textures and prints and make your outfits instantly cool!

I like the mix of colours – the purple and orangey-red.
This is a really cool mix of prints and colour. They go surprisingly well together!
I like how she has matched colours: the red of the skirt and bag and the white of the shoes and t-shirt. Of course the added colour on the shoes is a bonus!
At the first glimpse I think ‘woah, too many colours’. But it actually looks kind of cool. I’m trying to get away from using my usual black handbag.  I have the most amazing red bag that I should use more often!

Who is with me?


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