I’m Happy

It has seemed to me that life has just been plodding along slowly and boringly for the past year or so.  I worked too hard.  Not just with teaching and running a classroom but also with renovating the house I bought last year.

Finally I managed to get it rented out and it is such a relief to be able to have some money to spare so that I can go out, work overseas and live like a 20 something year old again.

When I finished uni I didn’t expect my social life to fall apart.  Well, it wasn’t like I went out every weekend, but I still had time to meet up with friends.  Starting work wasn’t a shock.  I was prepared for it to happen because as a trainee teacher we had to do practical work.  But getting into a classroom and running everything myself was different.

I had a fabulous final year of uni.  Probably too relaxed.  I had two days a week at uni, volunteered at my practicum school (when I wasn’t on prac) once a week and did a shift at the local supermarket for 7 hours on a Sunday.  Life was sweet.

A bonus was that it was also Rugby World Cup (2011).  That was probably the most fun year of my twenties.  I was 21.

Fast forward a few years and I am now 24.

This year I have been trying to have more time for me.  This means:

1) meeting up with friends.

2) going to events/parties/cocktail parties at bars in Auckland Central (which are so much fun and I am going to go to heaps more before I move overseas)

3) starting swing dancing (Lindy Hop and Charleston).

The last two have have really opened up a whole new world for me.  People are friendly and patient.  It’s great to make friends with all different types of people and not just those who are teachers too.  It’s so important to know people from all different walks of life.

That’s the thing I think.  We get so caught up in our little ‘capsules’ of the our world that we forget to step back and take a look at what is around us.  We forget to talk to people and to share our feelings.  We forget to be us and to live.

I recently read A Tribute on aimeewaffles.wordpress.com about not just waiting for something good to happen.

Something that stood out for me was how important it is not to take our life for granted.  To live life to the fullest.  Because you never know what could happen.

Don’t leave things till later…do them now because later might be too late.

And to follow on from that:

I had such an amazing weekend.  Sure I was a little bit worried about going out.  The usual things – what if no one talks to me? What if they think that I’m just tagging along because my brother asked me to go to the event with him?

Yes, I had a hangover on Saturday.  But who cares?  Life is full of mistakes and doing stupid things (especially in your 20s).  What matters to me is that I had fun.  I met people – some of whom I already know pretty well.  I talked to people without being worried about what I was saying.  I ate a Kumara chip without caring how it tasted (I don’t normally eat them).  I got chatted up by some 60 year old who wanted to buy me a drink (I accepted of course..but just ended up picking a free champagne instead).

What really got me was how I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing.  I haven’t had so much fun in such a long time.  And I think that is why I’m so happy.  It’s like that happiness from Friday has carried on and lifted my mood so much.  It’s kind of like a drug.

I know in myself that the ’20s’ is not going to last.  That once I get married and have kids I won’t be able to just drop everything and go.

At the moment I am just thinking of myself and my well-being and I’m happy with that.

It’s so important to know who you are as a person before you get tied down with everything.  That’s why this year I am starting my ‘great escape’.  I’m trying to get away from thinking about work on the weekend.  I’m constantly working on my blog (because this is my baby and I love blogging and meeting other bloggers!).  I’m trying to have more hobbies and spending more time with new friends, who in all honesty are better than my old friends.

With that being said I am finally happy that I’m on my way to being a better me.

I’ve made it my new life mission to be a go-getter.  Not just a sit-back-and-wait-for-it-to-happen getter.

Peace out xx


8 thoughts on “I’m Happy

    1. haha, It took a lot of saving…sometimes I thought I’d never get there, but I did! So glad I got one when I did, because the prices keep going up and up! 😀 So excited! Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂

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