My Favourite Street Style Looks

I am a huge lover of street style and style photography.  It’s a great way to get inspiration for posts, my own style and also shopping.

There are some things that I love because they are classic and are suitable for many occasions.  I try to build my wardrobe to suit different occasions because I find that it saves me money.  I have a very particular look, one that I don’t often shy away from.  It has been very important for me to develop my own style and sense of fashion, rather than follow fashion trends.  However, like I have said, if I see something trendy that I like and that will suit my wardrobe, then I will most likely lust after it until I get it.

I enjoys spending time on pinterest or google looking at street style – normally under vintage/modern/chic looks or retro.  It’s funny, I either go all out vintage look or keep it vintage with a modern twist.  Depending on my mood.

Here are a few of my favourite style looks:

Charles of the Ritz Vintage Cosmetics Bag

…or taking a stroll between classes. | 24 Fashion Photos That Will Make You Wish It Were The ‘60s


 photo 1_zpseba86d9a.jpg

Perfectly pretty dress. Emerald vintage style modest dress, trench coat, vintage hat, perfect leather gloves

Pretty Edge
I would like a tutu skirt.

brown + striped skirt

DSC09051 bw by Freckle Munster (Melissa Eve), via Flickr

Cute Outfits with Converse (12)

So anyway, I’ve been looking at pictures all day (I took a sick day because…well, I’ve got a cold).  I somehow managed to stumble upon a site dedicated to ‘Johnlock’ (I’ve been informed that means John +Sherlock) when I clicked on a photo link on pinterest.  The photo link was for a vintage outfit…so I’m not sure how on earth I ended up on a Johnlock site.

As you can probably tell, I love midi-skirts.  They are so cute and classic.  I love how you can pair them with different style elements e.g. leather jackets, lace, converse/keds and heels.   I also love crop pants because they look great with all sorts of shoes and tops.

Who else uses pinterest or google to help find cool looks and inspiration?

I’m gonna go watch The Killers now – I need some laughter to brighten up my evening.


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