OOTD – Bright Red 1950s Dress

Today I celebrated my 25th birthday a few weeks early because my brother and sister are away for my real birthday – unfortunately they both didn’t make it to my party..well, my brother got there just in time to have some food before it all ran out!

I decided to wear my bright red reproduced 1950s dress that I got in Sydney in around 2010.  I love it because it was from a seamstress shop – so everything there was handmade!  The bow at the front can also be tied at the back.

I paired the dress with my seamed stockings from Smith and Caugheys – the difference between those ones and my cheaper ones from Countdown are amazing! So soft!

I also put on my 1940s era shoes (true vintage) from Baby Jo.  I’ve been trying to stretch them out a bit because they are a little tight.

I also wore my bolero cardie from a Kmart in Sydney.

Here’s the outfit:

IMG_5012 IMG_5001


I had a super weekend.  I partied it up on Friday night (a few regrets on Saturday though…) and managed to surprisingly write 4 reports (with a terrible headache) yesterday.  I started falling asleep writing them though, so I have no idea if they make sense.

I took a couple of terrible selfies on Friday at Goldfinch in Auckland City:

IMG_4969 IMG_4967


I had such a great evening…it just got cut short because I made a few bad choices involving cheap champagne and wine 😥


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