OOTD 18/07/2015

I am trying to post more outfits on here, but I keep forgetting.

I had some errands to run (meaning going to the supermarket and buying lollies and bread – how substantial) this morning.

I decided to wear my red top from Boohoo with my skinny crop jeans from Just Jeans and my Victorian boots.  I haven’t worn the top that much, but decided that I should give it another go.  I’m glad I did because now I have another, new outfit to wear.   I like tucking the front of my shirts in so that they don’t look messy…but I like leaving them untucked at the back (unless it’s a top that looks good when it is completely tucked in).

I also wore a black coat – but I wanted to show the outfit and not just the coat.

I keep finding stuff in my wardrobe and being like ‘oh yeah..I forgot about that!’.

So, here’s my outfit of the day:

crop jeans and blouse

It’s hard to get a photo without the dog in it.  She always thinks she’s missing out on something and ‘photobombs’ my photos:

Fox terrier
Thanks for the lick Pipi…just not on the lips please.

Oh yeah, I got a haircut yesterday.  The fringe is quite a bit shorter than normal (but not Dumb and Dumber/Jim Carrey short..that’s what I was worried about).  I think it looks good.  I’m just looking forward to getting back to school on Monday and my students saying ‘You look like a boy’.  They’ve told me that so many times and I’m just say ‘thank you. Thank you so much’ – which makes them think ‘huh?’.

Anyway, enough about me:

Hope you all had a great day.


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