Arabian Nights Themed Makeup

My sister was going to an Arabian Nights themed party tonight and asked me to do her make up.

I wish I had a makeup model all the time – it’s good to practise looks on people other than myself.

I used some glittery eye shadow that I bought a few years ago – I think it’s L.A. Colors, my maybelline liquid eyeliner and L.A. Colors gel eyeliner.  I also used her black mascara – I can’t remember which brand it is though!

Arabian nights makeup

I started off by doing the eyeshadow first.  I like doing eyeshadow first because I found that when I do liner first and then eyeshadow, the liner smudges…a lot.

I started by placing glittery blue in the middle of her eyelid and faded it up and to the corner of both sides of her eye.  Next I used a bit of glittery pink and purple (mixed together) on the upper lash line and to the outer corner of her eye (not on the whole eyelid but on the crease).  Then I got glittery gold shadow and put that at the inside corner of her eye, along the lash line (upper) and the outside corner.  Then I put some more on the crease.  I blended it into the blue and purple.

I wanted to do lighter colours on her because she is very fair – blonde, blue eyes.  I didn’t want to put too much black liner, shadow and mascara on because that will wash her out in a way and make her look like a panda!

I used the gel liner next – on the upper lash line and created a cat eye flick/triangle at the outer corner of her eye.  I smudged the flick in a little, because I wanted the shadow to still be seen. Once I did both eyes I put a bit more of the gold shadow into the little triangles.

Next I got my Maybelline Liquid Liner and went over the gel liner (I used the gel as a guide line) and also a tiny bit dotted on the lower lash line.  I do dots on the lower lash line so it doesn’t go so dark.  I like minimal makeup on the lower lash line.

To finish off I put a bit of Doutzen Kroes L’oreal Nude lipstick on her.

All the products were mine (and I don’t normally put my makeup on other people..but my sister doesn’t have much makeup and the glittery eyeshadow is stuff I don’t usually use anymore!).

Hope you likey 😀


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