Cool Kitty Keds – Taylor Swift Designs

I’ve been wanting a pair of Keds for ages.  They are great shoes for dancing (some of you may know I do Swing Dancing – Lindy Hop and Charleston and now a bit of Balboa).  They are great shoes for weekend trips away or for shopping.  They are really perfect because they are cute and look good with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses etc.

I think that these shoes are great because they are so cushiony inside.  I totally didn’t expect them to be so soft!  I’ve been surviving with $4 Ked style shoes from the Warehouse.  The Warehouse ones were fine, but they wear out really quickly.  My mum and I decided to have a look at Keds in Hannahs today.  We were just going to look, but we both walked out with a pair.  Mum does Swing Dancing with me (and so does my Dad).

I was going to get a classic pair – just plain blue.  But then I saw these ones.

Mum got a pair of plain black ones…but now has decided she wants a pair with designs on it too. 🙂

Here are my cute cat Keds:

I love the cat on them.

I’m looking at a pair of blue crochet ones now (on the US store website – however, they don’t ship to NZ). But I also like the black crochet one (slip on though.. and I do prefer the blue slip on ones, but they have none in my size):

Crochet Keds
Teacup Crochet Keds

It is so tempting to buy them and save them for Summertime and travels.  But, I’m trying to control my spending.

Me at the moment:


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