Overseas Experience and Travel News

You probably know this already if you follow me on twitter, but I’m so excited I’m going to repeat the news here:

I just booked a one way flight to London for work next year.  I’ll be stopping in Vancouver for a few days. Leaving Dec 26 – best Chrissie pressie to myself ever! Even better than my crappy iPhone 4 that I bought years ago (old dinosaur thing it is..).

At this stage I don’t know how long I’ll be overseas.  Possibly 3 years depending on Visa type and where I decide to go after 2 years in England.

I will, of course, try my best to get back to NZ for a holiday.  Thank god for skype because I don’t think I could survive without talking to my besties (mum and dad LOL) for long.

I’m kind of unsure as to where to stay there.  I don’t want to just hang out with other Kiwis and Aussies.  I think it’ll be good to have some Kiwi and Aussie friends…but I just feel that it kind of defeats the purpose of working overseas if you surround yourself with people from around the same country as you.

Since I am an overly organised person (if it’s something I want to organise), I’m already making a ‘bucket list’ type thing of all the places I want to visit while I’m there.  These countries/cities/places have been in my head for ages…but I love writing diaries and lists.  I think it’s really important to do this so that when you are old an doddery, you can get your travel diary out and show your grandchildren what an awesome time you had travelling around (and hopefully encourage them to do the same thing!).

Finally everything has worked out

Have any of you worked overseas or done your OE?

What was the highlight of it?


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