OOTD, Birthday Party and the Dog

Today my beautiful cousin, Ella celebrated her 19th Birthday!

Man, I feel old…It feels like yesterday that we visited her in the hospital.  I was only 6 then!

We had a delicious lunch at my Aunt and Uncle’s place – soup, cheese, brownie, florentines.  Such yum..my tum is full.

I wore:

Audrey Hepburn dress

The dress is from Target in Australia.  I bought it when I went there in 2010.  Or was it 11?

It has been one of those dresses I have constantly worn – it’s great for shopping, parties, work.  It’s a everything dress.

My chelsea boots are from a shop in Milford – I think Mischief. They are great because they have a rubber-ish sole that makes no noise when I walk around.  My students call them my sneak shoes. The only problem is that when it is wet they squeak.

The cardi is from Pagani in Albany.  It’s more of a bolero cardi than a button up cardi.  It’s good for going out because it’s dressier than normal cardies!

I bought the bag on ASOS, the belt came with the dress and the necklace is from Burma – my grandparents gave it to me when they came back from a holiday there.

After the party, my sister and her boyfriend came back to my mum’s and dad’s place.

Their puppy, Rodger, fell asleep in front of the fire and Pipi, my dog, did too. I tried to get a photo of them sleeping next to each other, but Pipi didn’t want to and waltzed off to her beanbag (she’s the only one who ever actually sits on that beanbag).

Here are the gorgeous dogs:

Fox terrier
Pipi the dog in her knitted jumper that’s about 2 sizes too big for her. Keeps her warm though.
Chocolate Sausage dog
Sleepy Rodger the Sausage dog.

And here are a lot of photos of Rodger:


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