My Favourite Holiday Snaps

I love traveling.  It is something I want to do more of. Wanderlust.

I decided to have a look at my favourite holiday photos.

It is so hard to chose from them because there are so many memories and things I remember when I took the photo (or someone took the photo of me).

The first one is from:

Vietnam/Cambodia holiday.

I went on this holiday with my Grandparents.  They take each grandchild away on a holiday so that they can spend some time with just us.  There are quite a few of us because my grandmother is my mum’s step mum.  So a lot of them are step-family.

This was my first holiday without my parents.  I remember I felt so homesick the first few days…but then I forgot about being homesick and started having fun.  Vietnam and Cambodia are both beautiful countries and I want to go back.

This photo is from the very first day – on the hotel balcony.  I love it because it brings back the memories of the whole trip.

Another favourite is this one from Sydney in 2010:

This was the first time I’d been back to Australia since I went to Brisbane in 2004.

Sydney is one of my favourite cities there, apart from Melbourne.

This photo just makes me lol.

Another favourite is this one from Hong Kong in 2011:

I remember when I looked out the window of the apartment we were staying in – my first reaction was shock because I thought that the clothes was actually someone standing on the window sill.  Then I realised that it was just someone drying their clothes.  This was one of the last family holidays we had – we were visiting my brother who was working overseas at that time.

Get off the road…quick! In Wellington, 2013.

This was one of the other first times I had gone away without any buddies or family members.

I caught a bus up Mt Vic in Wellington and looked for the film locations.  I was up there in the cold, rain and wind (typical Welly weather) for ages looking for the locations.  Some Wellington Council workers were up there and asked me if I was lost.  They then told me that they would give me a lift to the location.  I managed to find the place and expected Hobbits to come tearing along.  It took me about a 2 hour walk to get back to my hostel – but totally worth it!

Holiday from Melbourne to Adelaide along the Great Ocean Road.

I took this holiday with my mum and dad.  I’m so lucky and grateful to have such a great relationship with them – we do have our disagreements, but I’m very close to them!

This was a 40 degree celsius day.  I insisted on stopping and going back so that we could get this photo.  It was the same day that we went to the 12 Apostles:

Such a great holiday – probably one of the best I’ve ever been on.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2014.

I solo traveled to The Netherlands and visited my family there.  I was so well fed the whole time I was there, I came back home 5 kgs heavier.  It was so great to spend time with family.  And it was great to go on this bike trip and make new friends from around the world:

Bach Holiday in Mitimiti.

It was one of those holidays.  The holiday you spend in your togs all day every day.  We rented a bach in Mitimiti (west coast).  West Coast beaches are dangerous.  We swam anyway and fished but never caught anything.  The water zoomed in really fast and we were contemplating going for a swim when we saw stingrays – that put us off.  Dad got too close to a sleeping Seal and nearly got attacked.

We cooked marshmallows over a campfire and got bitten alive by mozzies.

Those mems:

This was the neighbours dog.

’09 Road Trip to Rotorua

This was on the way back to Auckland.  We had gone for a RT with our best friend (my sister and I were besties with the same person, which was great…but this girl and us are not besties anymore).  We found a cop and he was really cool.  He let us take the photo in his car.  First and only time I’ve been in the backseat of a cop car.

It’s sad because this girl, my sister and I were really close.  But then we started working full time and we just lost contact.  There’s more to the story (of the ending of our friendship), but I won’t say anymore about it.

More RT 09 snaps:

Copenhagen Cones – Mt Maunganui.

We trekked up the Mount.  We got energy from a packet of Tim Tams on the way.

I remember we stopped at a cafe in Hamilton on the way to Rotorua.  The very next year we went for another RT and stopped at the same cafe.  The guy there recognised us.

Europe – Spain and The Netherlands 2007/8:

Amsterdam Madame Tussauds. Pirates of the Caribbean
Barcelona – I didn’t realise I’d have to pay him.

I hope that one day I have more holiday photos to put up. I’ve got some exciting travel news coming up soon- something I have been planning to do for so long but have only just started organising!

Do you have any favourite holidays that bring back the memories?


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