1960s Style Makeup Routine

I have just put a video of my morning 1960s style makeup routine on youtube.  This is my very first youtube video.

1960s Style Makeup Routine:


I was mainly inspired by Edie Sedgwick for this look.

1960s style makeup routine
Edie Sedgwick
1960s style makeup routine
Edie Sedgwick

Twiggy is also another inspiration for me:

1960s style makeup routine


This makeup look is great for halloween because it really layers on the makeup and it also looks edgy.  The 1960s was an era for experimentation with makeup and fashion.  That is why I love the 1960s look so much – you can get away with a lot!

Of course not everybody wore their makeup like this.  There would have been plenty of people who wore more natural makeup looks.

Products I used to create my 1960s style makeup routine:

LA Colors Concealer
Cover Stick
Covergirl powder
Kleancolor Smokin’ Gel Eyeliner
Agnes and Matilda eyeshadow palette (mixing white and beige and then black and charcoal) – see my Agnes and Matilda Eyeshadow palette here.
Maybelline black liquid eyeliner
Maybelline mascara
Clear mascara for eyebrows and over eyelashes after applying Maybelline (keeps it from being clumpy)
Mirenesse ‘Paris’ Lippie – see my Mirenesse Paris review here.


Have a look at my 1940s Makeup Look/Routine (inspired by the amazing Lauren Bacall) here.


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