Revlon Colorstay Mocha Nail Polish Review

Revlon Nail Polish is a great brand.  I love their colours and they are usually very easy to apply.   Today I have written a Revlon Colorstay Mocha Nail Polish colour review.

I had great expectations for this colour.  I actually got it ages ago and never really wore it.  I thought I’d give it another go, because I wanted to have a very light, more natural colour.  I should have gone with a pearly pink.

Maybe the colour just doesn’t suit me.  It’s a very light brown – I was expecting it to be more see through in a way.

mocha revlon nailpolish


I’m going to get my nails done properly (by a manicurist) in the holidays.  I never really get my nails done during the school/work term, because the nail polish chips off so quickly.

What do you think of this colour?  It’s kind of hard to see.

Do you have any nail polish colours you dislike?



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