Ombre Red Lips

Last night I tried out a new look I found on a pinterest board called Makeup Looks To Try.

It’s called Purple Lips, but I decided that I would just use my red lipsticks and try to create a faded/ ombre red lip look.

This is the picture from pinterest:

dark lips

Of course I was too lazy to actually click the picture and find the tutorial (honestly, I didn’t even think of looking to see if the was a tutorial!).

So, I just lined my lips with my darkest red (Burgundy by GOSH) and then coloured in with my lightest lipstick (no label and no name…kind of a nude colour.  I just found it in my makeup box and have no idea where I got it and when!).

It kind of ended up smearing the colour all over my lips, so it just created a shimmery red lipstick.

Looks nice actually, but so not what I wanted!


ombre red lips ombre red lips

And, I found this weirdo:


IMG_4679 IMG_4673 IMG_4671

Where the hell did she come from???

Ok, I’ll stop being weird now.


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