An Excellent Eyeshadow Palette

It took me a while to find an eyeshadow palette that I liked. Especially one with all the colours that I wanted in it!!

A while ago I found one from Farmers in a bargain bin. It was only $5.

It’s by Agnes & Matilda. I’d never heard of that brand before.

I like it because there is a good mix of light and dark colours.  It is also slightly shimmery.

I like mixing white and nude together and putting that on my eyelid first.  I then mix the black and charcoal together and brush it by my upper lash line and in the crease of my eyelid. Next I blend the eyeshadow slightly.

agnes and matilda eyeshadow palette agnes and matilda eyeshadow palette


I like finding products that are good for day-to-night wear.  This one is perfect and I use it constantly.

It is easy to apply and it doesn’t smudge or ‘travel’ over my face during the day.

Does anyone have a favourite eyeshadow palette that they like using?

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