My 3 Favourite Lipsticks

I love lipstick.  A bit of lipstick can brighten up my day.  Of course I don’t usually wear lipstick to work.  However, I do when I go out.

I love lipstick of all shades and colours.  I love lipstick with sparkles/shimmer.  I love lipstick that is just classic red.

Out of my rather extensive lipstick collection, I have 3 favourites (except for my GOSH one.  That is my ultimate favourite (and one I treasure)- but decided to look at 3 ones I wear on a regular basis).

Check out the cool ‘lippie on arm’ pic:IMG_4476

The colours are:

Left:  L’oreal Star Secrets 836 Eva’s Caramel.

I like this one because of the colour – I’ve always liked slightly brown coloured lipsticks.  I especially like it because it is shimmery!  The end is blunt because I wrote my number on a napkin/serviette when I was out once…long story short – I was going to give it to a guy when I walked past his table but I chickened out and threw the napkin away.

Middle:  MAX make up (I got this in Holland from a budget supermarket – it’s not a well known brand).

I love how red this lipstick is.  It’s’s kind of an orangey red too.

Right: Revlon Colourburst Lipstick 005 Mauve.

This one I like because of the colour and the sparkles.  It was one of the first in my collection (and one of the first with more colour in it..before I wore more nude colours.


Oops, I got the lippie order mixed up in the above photos.

Do you have any favourite lipsticks?

I love the look of this Kendall Jenner one:

Restless by Estee Lauder.

Pout perfection: Kendall and Estee Lauder announced today that the model created a limited-edition lipstick color for the brand 

of my


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