OOTD: That 1940s Tea Dress

I’ve been on a shopping spree lately.

My new favourite shop is Lindybop.co.uk.


The dresses are beautiful and fit really well.

The dresses and skirts are colourful and cute.  They range from 1930s-early 60s.

There are wriggle dresses, circle skirts, pencil skirts…the list is endless.  I even found an Audrey Hepburn style dress (but I need to save some $ now – so that one is on my wishlist!).

Last week I posted about this dress that I got from lindybop:

IMG_0268You can check that post out here.

My even newer dress arrived yesterday.  I wore it today because I just couldn’t wait.  You can find it on Lindybop.

It has the typical 1940s cut and design.  It is a navy blue colour and is tea length, so it falls just below my knee.  You can find it on Lindybop (it also comes in sangria pink).

I love it:

I paired the dress with my new 1940s heels and my favourite seamed stockings from Smith and Caugheys.
I love the button detail at the front and the way the material falls over this area. The sleeves have buttons as well.
Baby can dance. I have that song stuck in my head – LINDY TIME!
And another one for luck. I don’t like my feet in this photo…what on earth are they doing? They look really weird.

So my outfit is from:

Lindybop (dress)

Paddington Coat Factory (coat)

Stockings (Smith and Caugheys)

Shoes (True vintage (deadstock)) – bought off mybabyjo

Thank you Lindybop…if I had never discovered you I would still be pining over dresses I saw in old photos!


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