Makeup Product (Almost) Empties

There are a few beauty/makeup products that I swear by.  That I live by.  That I can absoloutely not survive without!

One of them is:

Covergirl Powder.   


This powder has been in my life for a long time.  I first got it for Christmas in about 2008.  I lived with it for a long time (since I don’t use a lot of makeup, it took a few years for it to run out).

As soon as it ran out I legged it to the shops and bought a new one.

This one is starting to be ‘almost’ empty.  I am starting to see the container underneath the powder.

Another one is:

L.A. Colours Concealer.


I love this product too.  It is half empty.

It is only $5 at the Warehouse and, although it’s probably not ‘the best’ concealer, I bought it for the price.  I don’t like spending heaps and heaps of money on makeup products when the cheaper ones do the same thing.  I also like it because of the application brush that comes with it.  However, I have heard that they are unhygienic because they can take bacteria from your skin and put it into the product.  Makes me think twice about getting it again.

I only buy the more expensive brands when they are on special.

I don’t have any other makeup products that are nearly empty.  I have quite a few eyeshadows and liquid eyeliners that I rotate – so each time I do a look I use a different product – that way I don’t run out of them so often!  But then that means I’ll probably run out of them all at the same time and will have to spend some dollars on updating my makeup shelf!

Do you have any products that you LOVE, run out of constantly and could never live without?


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