Top Twelve Fashion Mistakes You Should Avoid

Here are ten fashion mistakes you should try to avoid!

1)  Stockings, leggings and tights as pants/trousers.

Stockings, leggings and tights can not be used as trousers.  At least make sure your leggings are made of a thick enough material if you do wear them as pants.

2)  No Bra.

This is something that can be controversial.  I just don’t know how wearing no bra is comfortable, especially if you have to run to catch a bus.   I guess it’s your choice though.

3)  Horizontal, vertical and diagonal stripes altogether in one outfit.

It just doesn’t go.

4)  Socks and sandals.

It might be chilly, but not cold and it might be sunny but not warm.  Socks and sandals kind of defeats the purpose of sandals.

This goes for both men and women.  Every time I think of ‘socks and sandals’ I think of American tourist.  Sorry, but I’ve only ever seen American tourists wearing socks and sandals.

5)  Fanny Pack/Bum Bags

I call these fanny packs because every time I do I laugh.  In NZ they are called bum bags because fanny means something else here.  I think they are also called bum bags in Aussie and UK?

I don’t like bum bags.  They remind me of the 90s.  I had one in fluro green, I think.

6)  Obvious Fake Tan

While this isn’t really a fashion accessory, it is something that can be popular in Summer time.  I think fake tan is ok if it looks natural, but some people go over the top and wear too much…like Lindsay Lohan.

And Donatella Versace:

7)  Thongs/G-Strings Showing

8)  Men’s Tube Tops/Boob Tubes

wacky fashion trends tube tops for men

Ummm, ok. I’ve never seen this in real life.  Please tell me that no man has ever worn this????

9)  Man Dress

wacky fashion trends man dress

If my boyfriend turned up wearing this, I’d make him go home and get changed.  I get individuality and all, but…seriously?

10)  Too Much Makeup

I think all makeup is really cool.  But it’s good in moderation and if it is applied well.  This is just too much.

11)  Too High Heels

I love a great pair of heels…as long as I can walk in them!  So many people wear heels that are too high and then they can’t even walk properly in them.  They just totter around.

These just look painful.

12)  Wearing A Bikini (Or Togs) And (Optional) High Heels On A Bike.

Courtney Stodden showed us all what NOT to do:


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