My Morning Makeup Routine

Although this is called my ‘Morning Makeup Routine’, it does not really entail that much makeup.

In the mornings I am in a rush.  Even though I always think ‘yes, I will wake up early tomorrow’, I end up sleeping in.  I call it my beauty sleep.

For work I normally wear concealer, powder, moisturiser and clear mascara.  Since I wear glasses for reading/writing, and I have long eyelashes, I always end up getting mascara streaks on my glasses if I wear coloured mascara.

Here are the everyday items I use:


The makeup products above are:

1) L.A. Girl Concealer

2) Coverstick.

3) Covergirl powder

4) Foundation/Concealer brush (I use this for the concealer since it is a liquid)

5) Clear mascara.

I have started blow-drying my hair again because it is growing out a little and my fringe is starting to get to the length where it starts going weird.  Blow drying is a must.

It is important to only blow dry when your hair is 80% dry.  I also use a heat protecting spray by V05.

I use a comb to brush my hair out when it is wet because brushes can cause split ends (if you brush your hair when it is wet).  I then use a brush for blow-drying.

This makeup routine is simple, easy and takes only a couple of minutes (before I rush out the door).


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