OOTD And Birthday Party

Yesterday my new dress from Lindybop.co.uk turned up.

It’s the most beautiful dress I have ever owned (actually, one of..I have too many beautiful dresses to choose from).

It’s a 1940s tea dress/landgirl style dress.  It is red with polka dots (need I say more?).

What I love about it is the keyhole opening in the back with 3 buttons to do it up.  The front has a twist in the material.  It is made out of stretchy material, so it does not require a zip.

It has a cute high neck and will be perfect for Summertime (in December, so a little while away yet).  I think it’d be okay for Spring/Autumn if I had some sheer stockings – I do have some but they are too dark…maybe some with a reddy tinge?

Despite the fact that it is now Winter, I decided to wear it today because I wanted to show it off.  Since we were inside I didn’t need to worry about a cardi or stockings.  Yay for heaters and fires! My brother turned 29 on Wednesday and we had a birthday lunch with all the fam today!

Landgirl dress

Yesterday I also received my new shoes (deadstock – meaning they are actually from the 40s, but never worn.

They are a little tight, but my cousin said I can fill some bags with water, put the bags in the shoes and then put them in the freezer.  This should stretch them a little.

Has anyone tried this technique before?

I’ve tried the wet newspaper one before, but last time I did that they stretched my shoes but also gave them a squeak.  So everywhere I walked my shoes squeaked.

Alternatively I could just go to the shoe shop and get them stretched and have the soles done (they are slippery on the soles since they have never been worn).

I hope you all have had a great weekend 😀


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