Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge – Paris

During the week I received my Mirenesse Welcome Pack.

I decided to try out the Lip Rouge today.

Best. Lip. Product. Ever.

It is easy to apply and soft.  It takes a lot for it to fade and it doesn’t come off easily.

It’s great for nights out because it lasts for AGES!

I love the colour.  It’s more pinky than I would normally wear – but it’s great to try other colours and I think it’ll go perfectly with my new dress from lindybop.co.uk.

Here are the photos:

IMG_0247IMG_0246 IMG_0255

Sorry, the quality isn’t the best – but A+ for effort 😀

It has a little stick applicator – so it isn’t like a traditional lipstick.  It’s more liquidy (probably because it’s mousse like).

The applicator makes it easier to apply and it fills your lips really well.

When this runs out I’m definitely going to buy some more.

I did some google research and there are so many different colours!

Thank you, Mirenesse.


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