20 Blog Post Ideas For Fashion And Makeup

Just like everyone else, I also get stuck on ideas for my blog sometimes.  I came up with a basic list of post ideas that I can use for when I get stuck.

1)  What is your favourite item of makeup at the moment and why.

2)  Create a small makeup tutorial – either videoed or written.

3)  Describe your fashion ‘then’ and ‘now’ – what changes have you made? Why did you make changes?

4)  What is something you can not live without?

5)  When did you first discover makeup?  How have you changed your makeup look since then and if you have, why?

6)  What colour is most prevalent in your wardrobe?   Why is this? Take photos!

7)  Talk about the fashion ‘staples’ you have in your wardrobe.  Once again take photos!

8)  What is your most favourite item in your wardrobe at the moment?  Take a photo with it on – you could show how that item goes with many clothes in your wardrobe!

9)  Do you have a pair of shoes that are your favourite or that your wear constantly?

10)  If you have just been shopping, you can do a haul post – what did you get? Where did you go?

11)  Create a wish list of things you want!

12)  Write a post about your favourite online shops.

13)  Write a post about your favourite shops (not online).

14)  Write about your fashion/style inspiration – what era or person inspires you the most.

15)  Write about how you organise your wardrobe (or if it isn’t organised – reorganise it!) and say why it’s organised in that way.  For example, all my dresses are hung up according to their colour.  All my coats are on one side.

16)  Show how you can wear one piece of clothing in as many different ways as you can.  See this video for an example:

17)  What is one item of makeup that you cannot live without?  Foundation, mascara, moisturiser, eyeliner?

18)  What is your favourite makeup brand?  E.G. Revlon, Garnier, Maybelline, M.A.C.  Why is this your favourite brand?  Photograph items you have and/or make a wishlist of the items you want.

19)  How do you transition your wardrobe/clothes from one season to another?  Do you have clothes that can go from one season to another or do you have a complete new wardrobe for each season? (Hope that isn’t confusing!).

20)  Create a ‘How to dress like…’ for a celebrity whose style you admire!

I hope these help.  If you have any other post ideas, comment below – any ideas are much appreciated 😀


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