Things To Do To Beat Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is horrible. It is terrible when you want to write and you feel like you could do so much on your blog.  Next minute you log on and when you go to write you realise: ‘uh oh’.  You’ve forgotten everything!

Here are some tips and tricks to use when you get stuck:

1) Keep a google calendar of posts. 

I have a google calendar. Sometimes I follow this, sometimes I don’t.  I fill it up for a month.  It is a good way to structure my posts and ideas.

2) Don’t force ideas.

If you force ideas they end up sounding forced.  It is so much easier to write when you have the motivation!

3)  Get inspiration from other places.

Go on pinterest, twitter, instagram, other blogs.  These can inspire you.  However make sure you don’t copy people’s posts.  Google e.g. fashion and see what comes up.   I can spend hours just looking through fashion looks on pinterest!

4) Take a break. 

Sometimes all you need to do is take a break from writing.  Go on the trampoline, bake a cake or do something else.  It’s good to have space and it’s good to clear your mind so that you are ready when you get back to writing.

5)  Read a book.

You can post about a book next time.

6)  Have a fall back post.

It’s good to have a type of post to fall back onto.  E.G. OOTD, 5 Favourite…, Makeup Looks .etc.

7)  Work on your blog layout.

This is something I can spend hours on.  It’s fun! And by the end you blog can look pretty good!

8)  Edit photos.

If you have photos you want to post on your blog, you can spend your time editing them.

9)  Edit/re-read old posts.

It’s good to go back and re-read or edit old posts.  This way you can change them or re-post them if need be.

10)  Grab a cuppa tea, coffee, wine, beer.

Take some time out with your favourite drink.  Drink while you are looking through pinterest for fashion inspiration.

11)  Look at online shops.

This can be a good way to see what is popular at the moment.  Don’t spend too much!

12)  Try out makeup looks and post them on your blog.

This can be fun.  Print a photo of a look you want to try (with no tutorial) and see how it goes!

13)  Look through your drafts.

You can find many treasures in your draft section.  I always look through there and see if there are any unfinished posts.  It’s a good way to edit and re-write.  Some posts I have are nearly finished, so I quickly finish them and then post them.  It’s good to have some drafts for ‘just in case’.

14)  Use a blog post ideas generator.

The ideas can be pretty bad.  However, there are some good ones on there.

15)  Look in your wardrobe.

Have a look in your wardrobe and see if there are outfits in there that you haven’t worn lately.  It’s good, because then you can wear something ‘new-old’!  It’s a great feeling when you rediscover something.

Anyway, I hope that these tips/tricks have helped!

Do you have anything that you do when you get writer’s block?


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