My Mirenesse Welcome Pack

I recently joined the Mirenesse VIP Club.  It’s 25 bucks a month.  I got a $20 voucher for the first month for being in it only cost me $5.

Today I got a ‘Welcome Pack’ from them.

It’s pretty cool and the items are a good size for travelling.  I like travel sized beauty products.  They don’t take up too much room.

Here is a photo of the pack:

IMG_0182 IMG_0186

The pack contains:

1) Treatment Cream – Lifting/Hydrating.

2) Power Lift Eye Mask.

3) A cleanser.

4) Brow Mascara/Brush.

5) Lip Stain –  it ‘tattoos’ the lips apparently.

I can’t wait to use the things from this pack.  I’ll do another post about the Lip Stain soon!

Is anyone else a member of the Mirenesse VIP Club?  If so, what is it like?


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