I’ll Never Forget How This Teacher Changed My Life

The most amazing teacher I ever had was when I was in Year 3.

I thought that this teacher was the bees knees.  She was inspiring.  She encouraged me to try my best.

I look back now, as a teacher, and realise that she was the epitome of a great teacher.  She loved teaching and she always had the most interesting topics.  I’ll never forget learning about sea life and going to Kelly Tarltons.

I’ll never forget all the art and crafts we did.  I still have the pasta shell photoframe with a picture of me in it.


She encouraged us to be creative and think (as well as we could at such a young age) outside the square.  These days it feels like teaching isn’t about being fun and having creative learning…it’s all about marks and assessment. But anyway, back to my favourite teacher.

When I left her class I thought the world was going to end.  I was right, it kind of did!  I ended up having a horrible teacher who was really mean to me.   Mrs A helped me to deal with some sad stuff that year.  My Auntie Janet died.  Then my Pop died – I was devastated about this because he was the most fabulous, hilarious Pop ever.  The stuff he put up with (my sister and I combed his hair and the comb got stuck).

My favourite teacher is the reason why I decided to become a teacher.  If I can encourage kids to do their best, own their life and be the most amazing person they can be, then I have done my job.  I don’t care about marks (well, sort of) because at the end of the day it is the relationships and the excitement of learning that you have built up with these kids.

Mrs A changed my life because she encouraged me to be who I am and to continue to be creative (hello teaching degree with specialisations in Music, Dance and Drama and Social Studies).

If I never had Mrs A, I wouldn’t be a teacher.

I got some lovely notes from a student’s mum.  They make me feel like I am doing something right!

IMG_0197 IMG_0200

I had to blank the names out.

Here is my favourite TED Talks by Rita Pierson:

What an inspiration!


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