5 Steps To Become A Flapper (In The 21st Century)

It is hard to think of reasons why anyone would want to be a Flapper. NOT!  Flappers may be from the 1920s but they were from a time of societal change.  Steps towards gender equality were beginning to be made (mostly in terms of social circles, women working out of home – which was still rare at that time -, women being able to drive cars and what women could wear).

In those days, a Flapper could be seen as ‘dangerous’ or ‘un-ladylike’.  They were stretching the boundaries of what was seen as ‘okay’ in society.  The ‘Flapper’ fad didn’t actually last that long as by the mid-30s it had ‘faded out’.

Being a Flapper these days is all about being who you are, wearing what you want and doing what you want.

1) Dress in clothes that make people LOOK.

Yes, a short skirt and crop top could get you attention when you go out on town, but so can a more modest outfit with a clever cut.  This means the outfit can hug your curves or have lots of sparkles.  The outfit could have a low cut front and longer skirt…or shorter skirt and higher cut top.

2)  Don’t care.

If you want another martini…have another Martini.  Yes, you may regret it later on in the night…but as long as you’re having fun does it really matter?!  On that note: do take care of how much you drink – don’t guzzle your alcohol.  One drink an hour is my rule (unless it’s a delicious cocktail).


3)  Dance.

Ok, so 24 might be getting a little bit old for clubs, but who really cares?  I’m not really a clubbing type person, but when I do go I love to dance.  I’m not saying do the Charleston and kick your legs up in the air.  But I am saying don’t be worried about embarrassing yourself.  Everyone else is going to be inebriated (or so into their own dancing) that they won’t care what you are doing!

4)  Take care of your presentation.

Most Flappers were typically beautifully dressed and made up.  They took care of their hair.  Some say that they were overly made up (especially articles from the 20s), but I believe that they were not overly done.  By ‘overly done’ I mean by looking like a mask (mostly due to foundation and concealer not matching the skin tone).  Less is more – but by all means layer on the eye makeup and lippie.

Makeup-and-Beauty---Vintage-1920s-guides5) Have fun.

When have you ever seen a photo of a Flapper at a party looking down/sad/angry/upset.  The key to being a Flapper is being happy.  Smiling does lift your mood. Smile lots, laugh lots (even if a joke isn’t funny) and just be happy.

c. 1920s : Girls having fun on stairs

So there it is.  How to be a Flapper (in the 21st Century).

Flapper girls, 1920s


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