Harajuku Girls

Harajuku is one of Japan’s most famous street fashion areas.  I love the creativity and individuality of Harajuku fashion.  It’s so great that they get inspiration from all different areas of popular culture e.g. anime.

The Harajuku area didn’t actually start becoming famous or well known for it’s fashion until after WWII.  Military bases were created (by the US) in this area and youth interested in Western Culture gathered there.

In ’64, the area became the Olympic Village for the Olympics.  In ’78 the Lafort mall was set up and quickly became Harajuku’s main attraction.  Harajuku became the place to be for fashion.

As the Japanese Streets site claims:

Trends come and go at lightning speed in Harajuku. Decora, Goth-Loli, Cyber-Punk, Mori Girl, the list is endless. Many happen at the same time, and influence each other. Often it’s impossible to determine what gave birth to what. This disconnect and freedom is possible because there is no social message. Harajuku fashion is about fun. It is fashion in its purest form.

The amount of creativity it takes to create these outfits is amazing.

I love the last look so much – almost a time traveling, futuristic look.

All photos and info about Harajuku fashion are from the Japanese Streets website.


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