5 Ways Fashion Makes You Happier

I always feel like I can ‘conquer the world’ when I am dressed well.   I believe that confidence and happiness go hand in hand with dressing well and fashionably.  Being happy with who you are raises your self confidence because you view yourself in a healthier way.

1) If you look good you feel good. 

An outfit that enhances your body can enhance your happiness.  For example, if you are wearing a dress that makes you look fantastic you will most likely feel happier and have a better time if you are going out!


2) If you are wearing coloured clothes.

Colours do make you happier.  And they make you stand out from the crowd (I own a lot of black clothes, so I am trying to get more colour into my wardrobe!).


3) Individuality in Fashion makes you happy.

Yes, following trends and must-have looks probably do make you happy.  But having your own individual fashion sense is something that can make you happy.  The reason for this is because you feel good wearing your own ‘style’ and this can do wonders for your self-esteem.


4) You develop your own identity.

I have mentioned this before in a previous post.  Making your own identity through fashion is a step towards knowing yourself and showing who you are to the world.  Knowing your own identity can make you happier and more confident in yourself.


5) Your happiness translates into your body language.

A lot of people can tell when you are sad, angry, upset and happy.  Being happy with how you look translates into your body language.


It really is interesting seeing how fashion and being happy with the way you look go hand in hand. Even the smallest accessory, a pair of shoes and even an awesome makeup look can make you feel happier.  Being happy and confident with the way you look raises your self-esteem.  Yes, it may be ‘materialistic’, but having the ability to buy clothes and shoes that I love does make me happy.

Do you feel happier when you are dressed up or well?


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